Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Do we need the NBN?

The federal government is building the National Broadband network at a cost of approximately $50 billion. There are numerous questions surrounding this project.

Do we need the NBN?
What will most people use it for?
How much will it actually cost people to use?

Also discuss:

what the original design was by the Gillard government
what the Abbot government are actually building

What are the + / - of each model for the NBN


  1. 1. I think we do need the NBN because we need a better network/internet connection.
    2. Most people would probably use it for research, and education, schools with few computers could better their education with a new network..
    3. The fibre plans start at just $30 a month for the lowest level.
    4. I could not find this answer
    5. The abbot government are building a better network, so 90% of homes will be connected to the new network, and 10% will get wireless.

    1. EDIT

      New network:
      Positives: Faster connection for more people
      Negatives: Cost a lot of money

      Old network
      Positives: No need to wait for construction
      Negatives: Slow connection

  2. NBN

    Do we need the NBN?
    I believe we do need the NBN, Australia has some of the slowest internet in the world.

    What will people most use it for?
    I believe that people will use the internet for lightning fast and be up to date with the other countries.

    How much will it actually cost people to use?
    In Australia the cost of the new NBN fibre internet would be about $93 per month for 200gbs of fast fibre internet.

    What was the labor governments model?
    The labor governments model said that when we are finished building this new "NBN" network, the government that this will make everyone in Australia have lightning quick internet.

    ~Everyone would have better internet everywhere in Australia.
    ~We will come back to other countries will out internet.(Australia has some of the slowest internet in the world).

    ~It will take a extremely long time for everyone to have
    ~It will cost a lot of money for the government and us.

    What is the current government building?
    At the moment the government is rolling out the NBN, and will have fibre cables, fibre cabes are alot quicker that the old copper cables, this will be very expensive.

    ~Internet will be much quicker with fibre cables rather than the old copper ones.

    ~It will cost a lot for the government (Us) and will take along time.
    ~By the time the government is finished this NBN rollout, there will be something newer and more efficient for everyone to have.

  3. 1. What is the Labour governments model?
    The Labour government ensured fast-loading and reliable broadband with no glitches. It is called Optic Fibre, the broadband of the 21st century.
    2. What is current government building?
    The Abbott government is building copper wired NBN.
    3. +/- of each model.
    Liberals NBN tends to be slow, and unreliable, and costs $5000. It is connected to a telephone line, and 25megs is still more than enough for the average household.
    The Labours NBN is cheap, fast-loading and reliable, but costs a lot of the government's money.

  4. Labour Government model was a high speed internet broadband that had no glitches which will cost the government around $50 billion. Gillard's original NBN deal was with Telstra for them to move their copper wire network to the Optic fibre pathways of NBN. They received $11 Billion. Abbots working on getting Telstra and NBN to switch from fibre to node technology. So they can manage their government. The NBN is good for people that want a very good high speed internet connection, but still the cost of making and the cost of buying it would be very high. It Costed the Labor Government $50 billion to get it running. Most people would use it to but stuff online or download things to their computer, with high speed like that it would be very quick. For Abbots broadband it would cost $5000. With the Liberals broadband is slower and costs $5000, and goes at 25/5. Labors was much more faster at 1000/400. So the fibre type was faster then the liberals speed, much more faster. Labors negatives would be it would cost extremely more money to buy.

  5. 1. I think we do need the NBN. This will give the whole country access to a better network/internet connection.
    2. To be honest, most would use it for entertainment, like videos on YouTube and Facebook. But others may use it for research and education (like computers in schools).
    3. $30 a month.
    4. The Labor governments model was for everyone to have quick internet.
    -Positives: Better internet Nationally
    -Negatives: Long Time to Develop, Costs 43 billion
    5. The current government is using fibre cables to replace the copper cables that we currently have.
    -Positives: Better Internet, More Durable Cables
    -Negatives: Costs a lot of money, Takes too long to make (when its released there will something more efficient for us to use)

  6. Do we need NBN?
    I believe we do because the Internet that we got right know is very slow compared to the rest of the world.

    What will people use the NBN for?
    I think people will use it to play games without the lags and browse the Internet without lags. Download stuffs

    How much will the NBN cost?
    It will start with the cost at $73 at Telstra.

    What was the nbn that the Gillard gov building?
    They were building a (FTTP) fibre to the premises which would have brang 40,000mbps.

    What is the abbot gov building?
    They are building (FTTN) Fibre to the node, which would give us 25mbps.

    -/+ of both
    -= 40,000mbps is to much
    it’s going to take a while to role out.
    The abbot gov should give use 100mbp
    += it will finally bring the internet we need
    No more slow internet
    Abbot gov is more reasonable we don’t need 40,000mbps

  7. Do we need the NBN?
    We need the nbn because without it, the internet would take hours to load.
    People will use it for school work, and whatever else they want.

  8. Do we need the NBN? it will give us access to a better network/internet connection.
    What will most people use it for? I think most people would use it to watch videos and use social media.
    How much will it actually cost people to use? $30 dollars a month.

  9. 1. nbn we need it but it wont be the full 400mb/s as they say it will be about 20 to 40 mb/s because the nbn co throttels the amount of mb/s you can get
    2. most people will use it for the downloading illegal movies and sotware also people will use it for education and bisness
    3. some nbn plans start at $30 and range upwards of $100
    4. the abott government has made it that 90% of all homes will have fibre to the node or fiber to the house and the last 10% of people that dont have fibre to the node or house they will have wirless.
    5. i didn't find an answer

  10. For those who don't live in Australia (and actually read this blog??), after much debate the National Broadband Network was proposed back in 2009 with Tasmania being the first state in Australia with and Optical Fibre to Home Network. Through change of government comes change of plan. The History is right here.

    When it was first announced the Labor Government's proposal was that 93% of houses in Australia were to be hooked up to State of the Art Fibre to Home Network leading to 100mb/s download and 25mb/s upload. For the remaining 7% of the country they would revive a fixed wireless network based on 4G technology and full term Satellite signals boasting 25mb/s download and 5mb/s upload. If it follows to plan it should have been completed by 2021. But that all changed when the Liberal Government went into power in 2013.

    Upon being elected, the Liberal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnball rebutted that the NBN rollout is taking to long. And by its own standard's it is. There was a delay of 9 months back in January 2013 with a proposal for Labor to buy out the Telstra Copper Network but that was soon brushed under the rug and it was announced that the NBN will use its own network. So what the Liberal Government wants to do is instead of the 93% receiving Fibre to the Home Turnball wants to do Fibre to the NODE. This system will be adequate for about the next 5 years but after then will it be enough?

    So Do we actually need the NBN? Well yes. We have and ageing copper network used for telephone lines and Broadband. According to sources it the copper network is over 100 years old. From that statistic alone I think it needs upgrading. Speeds will also increase everywhere such as rural and farming areas giving residents a more communicated lifestyle.

    People will be using the NBN for all kind of reasons. People already use the Internet for Youtube, Email, Social Media, School Research and so much more but I need to wrap it up.

    The cost for an NBN network in your home (open to Australian Residents only) will cost on average $93.95 cents with the cheapest being Dodo on 59.85 Unlimited NBN use and the most expensive at Telstra at $113 for 500 GB of Internet. Others will range in price but overall this will be for a better faster Internet.

  11. NBN (National Broadband Network)
    What was labor Governments model?
    The current government liberals model was a second rate copper network.
    -Faster Upload Speeds.
    -The labor model will cost 10 million more then the Liberal Broadband.
    -It is due to completed by 2021 which is 2 years later compared to the coalition.
    What is the current Government building?
    The current government liberal is trying to build and deliver a fast broadband connection that is affordable for all Australians. They will have fibre cables also.
    -There will be download speeds of between 25 and 100 megabits per second by the end of 2016 and 50 to 100 megabits per second by 2019.
    -The Coalition’s NBN will cost tens of billions less to complete than Labor’s NBN.
    -They will give highest priority to the suburbs, towns and regions with the poorest broadband services today.
    -It will take a long time for all locations to get the faster broadband.
    -It May be expensive for some people.
    What will most people use it for?
    -People will use the NBN for faster downloading and uploading speeds. And good connection.
    How much will it actually cost people to use?
    -The labor will cost $44.1 billion and the coalition will cost $29.5 billion.

  12. Do we need NBN?
    I believe we need NBN because we need better and faster internet connection.

    What will most people use it for.
    Most people will use NBN for research, education and entertainment.

    How much will it cost?
    It will cost $100 a month

    What was the labor gov model?
    Labor governments model was said to bring 100x faster internet

    Positives:The labor model gives us a speed of 100 megabits a second download, 40 megabits a second upload.

    Negatives: The coalition NBN will cost $41 billion to build. The coalition NBN would prove inadequate for many businesses, it was poorly planned and would not be built on time.

    What is the current government building?
    The current government is building fibre cables, which are alot quicker then the old copper cables.

    Positives: Internet will be 100x faster with the fibre cables then the copper ones.

    Negatives: the liberal NBN is only 25 megabits a second download, and 5 megabits upload. tony abbot says that 25 mbps is enough for the average house hold, what about the businesses?

  13. We need the NBN because there is a developing need for faster internet in Australia

    Most people will use the NBN for entertainment, research, education and business

    The NBN plan prices start at $30 and reach upwards of $100; how much you pay is determined by what you want from your internet plan

    The Labor Government was said to increase the speed of internet even more that what the coalition would, although this would cost more

    The Abbott Government is currently building a newer and faster network using fibre optic instead of copper which was used in the old cables

    - We get faster internet at speeds of 25 to 100 megabits per second, which will allow us to get more done in a smaller amount of time
    -It is cheaper for the Coalition to complete the NBN

    -The NBN will take years to be fully rolled out, so we will have to put up with slow speeds
    -Only 90% of all homes will be connected to the NBN (the other 10% will get Wifi which isn't that much of an improvement although it is better than nothing)
    -Some people will not be able to afford the NBN, but will have no choice wether they receive it or not

  14. NBN
    What was the labor government model for the nbn?
    To deliver download speeds of 25 megabytes a second to all Australians by 2016.

    What is the current government building now?
    An NBN network.

    Do we need the NBN?
    Yes because the internet is bad

    What will most people use it for?
    Probably for work and Google

    How much will it cost people to use?
    $35 a month is the cheapest.

    The original design was to be a suitable and fast and affordable Internet provider and also have a way to have it all across the country.

    The abbot design was very similar expect it wont be all over the country.
    +: Fast affordable Internet
    -: Still going to be slower than American Internet